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Tools from PRAN Projects

Successful Initiatives to Address Intimate Partner Violence against Women and Girls in Alberta’s Black Communities in partnership with Africa Centre and funded by WAGE Canada.

As indicated on our Partner Driven Activities page, we partnered with Africa Centre to undertake a project to address Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in Black communities in Alberta. Informed by research and the insights of community partners and front-line workers, we created a logic model and framework resulting in interactive sessions, a podcast, videos, pamphlets, and other items to decrease IPV.

Better Than the Cure: Preventing Intimate Partner Violence

This 11-part podcast explores factors that (in)directly contribute to and influence the ways in and extent to which IPV is experienced and addressed in ACB communities in Alberta. Our host and featured guests discuss a variety of topics including gender relations, the role of men, mental health, financial literacy, religion, etc. The podcast is designed for community members, leaders, and service providers and can be found on YouTube and Spotify.

Designed for community members, leaders, and service providers, we created a handbook and a series of pamphlets to disseminate the key messages from the research stages of our project. Each pamphlet explores a factor, or several interlocking factors, related to IPV that impact ACB communities. The Handbook includes extended versions of each pamphlet, an introduction, and a list of suggestions.

What is Intimate Partner Violence?
Gender Relations (and Intimate Partner Violence)
Brining Men into the Conversation (on Intimate Partner Violence)
Parenting (and Intimate Partner Violence)
What Role do Systems Play? (and Intimate Partner Violence)
Culturally and Contextually Adaptive Support & Prevention (and Intimate Partner Violence)


Handbook coming soon!

Conçus pour les membres de la communauté, les dirigeants et les prestataires de services, nous avons créé un manuel et une série de brochures pour diffuser les messages clés issus des phases de recherche de notre projet. Chaque brochure explore un facteur, ou plusieurs facteurs interdépendants, liés à la VPI et ayant un impact sur les communautés ACB. Le manuel comprend des versions étendues de chaque brochure, une introduction et une liste de suggestions.

Qu’est-ce que la VC?
Relations de genre (Violence Conjugale)
Intégrer les hommes dans le dialogue (Violence Conjugale)
Parentalité (Violence Conjugale)
Quel est le rôle des systèmes? (Violence Conjugale)
Soutien et prévention adaptés à la culture et au contexte (Violence Conjugale)

Le manuel sera bientôt disponible !

Featuring Dr Philomina Okeke-Iherjirika, this video introduces the topic of gender relations. To hear more on gender relations from Dr Philomina Okeke-Iherjirika please check out the first episode of the podcast Better Than the Cure on Spotify or YouTube. 

In this video, Navaid Aziz uses the Arabic word “darb” to begin to unpack misconceptions and interpretations of the Qur’an to demonstrate that Islam does not condone IPV. To hear more from Navaid Aziz check out the third episode of the podcast Better Than the Cure. 

In this video, Dr. Sophie Yohani addresses the importance of enhancing language programs and incorporating prevention services into key integration areas like employment and education to prevent IPV. To hear more from Dr. Sophie Yohani check out the tenth episode of the podcast Better Than the Cure. 

Featuring Joseph Luri, the coordinator of the Safe Families Program at the Edmonton Mennonite Centre, this video discusses men, stigma, and the culture of togetherness. To hear more on this topic, check out the 6th episode of our podcast Better Than the Cure

Featuring Adebayo Chris Katiti the CEO and founder of RARICANow, this video focuses on IPV and intersectionality, specifically drawing attention to gender diverse folks and interlocking systems of oppression. To hear more from Adebayo Chris Katiti check out episode 8 of the podcast. 

Coming soon.